Life is about memories

Monuments were made since ancient days in remembrance of events with historical significance and for our real heroes of society.
These larger than life memories are constant reminder of our vast and cultural heritage.

Black Prince monument, Leeds

Built in 1897 by sculptor Tomas Broke

Townhall, Leeds

Built in 1983 by architect Cuthbert Brodrick.


Life is about helping the mankind

I always have high respect for people who donate blood and why not, it is such a noble cause- helping the mankind. However when it comes to me, I always had one or the other reason as naive as ‘I am not fit’ ‘I don’t have enough blood’ ‘I am busy’ ‘What if …’ ‘What if not…’ excuses were endless, all this to avoid getting into it.

Today, after seeing most of my colleagues making yet another booking to donate blood, I asked what inspires them, the very simple yet powerful response I got “We can save LIFE“. Though I knew this since ages but finally I got the courage to do it and yes, it’s an amazing experience. This time around I didn’t bother if I have enough of it or not, I didn’t bother if I will faint after donation moreover I didn’t pretend to be busy, I just did it! Believe me friends no gift is as precious as gift of life. 

Blood donor center, Leeds

Additional Details: NHS Blood UK




Life is a journey

In the race of reaching the finish line we fail to enjoy the journey. At times, just stop and look around!

Edinburgh, Scotland

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