Life is about hope

Once while travelling in an endless road in the midst of night, blustery wind was sending flurries of rain against the window. Silence was such that I could hear my own beats. My eyes wide open looking for one ray of light, one ray of hope.
No wonder, for sailors inย deep dark ocean lighthouse is theirย only ray ofย hope providing assurance of life and safe entries to harbors.

Flamborough, England


Flamborough Lighthouse

Life is about patience

Even Super Moon went unnoticed tillย clouds rolled by…

From Home Window

Life is about challenges

Have you ever imagined a world without difficulties.. What if we all think alike? What if there is no competition what so ever? Undoubtedly life will be wrinkle free.ย However, this also means no innovation or transformation.
Ship in harbor is safe but that is not what shipsย are built for.
Let the ship sail!

Interlaken, Switzerland