Visit Lake Thun, 🇨🇭

2 hour cruise ride from Thun to Interlaken is a wonderful way to explore the nature at slow pace. This ride on lake Thun offers picturesque view of scenic mountains, historic castles, waterside towns and ample time to eat, drink and relax.

We did this ride 6 years back but beautiful memories are still so fresh.

Get the timetable and latest updates from below link.

Moreover, with Swiss pass you can avail all public transport throughout the country and travel with ease.


Visit Pompeii

Locked in here is the city first of its kind, city which was frozen in time by cataclysmic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, city which was buried under ashes and rocks for 1700 years, city which saw the ray of light after 100s of years, city which will make u feel proud about great roman civilisation, city which will thrill you by its advancement, city which will make you cry in sorrow by seeing the stoned fugitives lying with their families for ages either they were born to die together or were blessed to be together even after death, city which has locked in memories for the world to see.

Visit Belgium 🇧🇪

Droplet 💧 of rain ☔️ is adding charm 👑 to the alluring medieval midtown!!

Checkout my travel journey to beautiful, architectural and medieval Belgium in winter.

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Visit Italy: Milan Lake Como & Venice

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Go places make memories!!

Visit Roundhay Park, Leeds

Walking down the streets for hours to experience the beauty and tranquility of nature.  Experience Nature’s beauty in Roundhay Park


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Location: Roundhay Park, Leeds


Visit Mallorca, Balearic Island Spain

To escape from the daily routine and chilly weather, we decided to visit Palma de Mallorca, Spain. In no time we came up with the itinerary. The mere thought of visiting such a beautiful place was delightful.



We started our day with the visit to one of the most ornamental village ‘Valldemossa’ situated in the hills of Tramuntana range. On our way we met some localites, despite the language barrier we established an unsaid connection. They were very kind and welcoming.
Blonde stone streets,  beautifully decorated houses, traditional cafes, galleries, gift shops, rich vegetation and Royal Carthusian monastery makes Valldemossa prettiest village of Mallorca.

Before heading to Port de Soller, we were caught by striking Sa Foradada. The view was so spectacular that we couldn’t take our eyes off. Blue water, blue sky and a steady rock with a hole.

Sa Foradada

But this was not enough for Archduke Ludwig Salvador, so he bought the entire estate and built rotunda ‘Son Marroig’ offering breathtaking view of Foradada and coastline

Son Moraig

Journey to Port de soller was relaxing; before heading to the port, we stopped by in a spanish restaurant and had delicious fish and spinach croquettes and seafood Paella. Vintage tram trip to port brought back childhood memories. Calm and shallow beach and peaceful harbor was the perfect way to end the day.

Port de Soller

Trip to Mallorca is incomplete without visiting cala (cove) and among so many beautiful calas to decide which one to visit is always a challenge. Finally we settled to Cala Anguila. For beach lovers this is heaven. Crystal clear turquoise water, bright sunny day, pleasant breeze; what more we could have asked for.

Cala Anguila

After a relaxing day at cala, it was time to explore Palma city, capital of Mallorca which is at its best at night. Historical buildings, cafes, shopping complexes, theatres, local markets, narrow pathways were so much fun. Magnificent Palma gothic cathedral (La Seu) at the sea front is truly the spotlight of the city.

Palma Gothic Cathedral (La Seu)

With this, a wonderful trip came to an end; leaving behind memories to cherish forever 🙂

Adiós Palma de Mallorca!!

Visit Flamborough, England

Exploring the unexplored is always worthy. Beautiful & dramatic cliffs of East Yorkshire in the midst of storm Barbara

Video by: Poojan
Location: Flamborough, UK