Let’s go Biking πŸš²

Netherlands – one of the most bicycle friendly country and being rightly called as β€œthe Kingdom of Bicycles” inspires all to use bikes for daily commute and why not; it is cost effective, good for health, eco-friendly to name a few.

Mobike chinese bike sharing company providing new cashless and dockless bikes started with Rotterdam and spreading its wings in many more cities.

Lets join hands to make a bike 🚲 friendly world 🌍


Visit Lake Thun, πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­

2 hour cruise ride from Thun to Interlaken is a wonderful way to explore the nature at slow pace. This ride on lake Thun offers picturesque view of scenic mountains, historic castles, waterside towns and ample time to eat, drink and relax.

We did this ride 6 years back but beautiful memories are still so fresh.

Get the timetable and latest updates from below link.


Moreover, with Swiss pass you can avail all public transport throughout the country and travel with ease.


Visit Pompeii

Locked in here is the city first of its kind, city which was frozen in time by cataclysmic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, city which was buried under ashes and rocks for 1700 years, city which saw the ray of light after 100s of years, city which will make u feel proud about great roman civilisation, city which will thrill you by its advancement, city which will make you cry in sorrow by seeing the stoned fugitives lying with their families for ages either they were born to die together or were blessed to be together even after death, city which has locked in memories for the world to see.