Life is to fear less and live more

‘Mumma please come home’ this was the last statement I got from my little one before my phone switched off. A sudden tornado ran through me. I immediately packed my stuff and rushed to the train station. All sort of negative thoughts clouded me. Is she not well? Did care taker said something to her? Did she fell down? Oh god with so many bad news we hear every now and then, a mere message an unexpected phone call or delay in arrival can create havoc in our mind.

 I boarded the train and chose the corner seat and sat down quitely. There was a time when I was optimistic. My heart was filled with joy and gladness. I used to love life and believe in Karma ‘Do good and good will come to you’ but seems this doesn’t hold true anymore. With so many accidents, terrifying attacks and gruesome acts happening in neighbourhood there is always a fear.  

As the train reached my destination, without wasting a moment I ran through the gates, crossed the shops and parks without a glance. While approaching, suddenly I couldn’t walk fast enough probably as I was not prepared for this. I somehow grabbed the courage to open the door just to see her playing with the doll and after looking at me she said ‘Mumma I missed you, come let’s play together’. This gave me a sigh of relief which sneaked out of my eyes and rolled down to my cheeks. With a big smile I went and hugged her and wished to fear less and live more!