Life is to expect the unexpected 

This room needs renovation. But why? This 200 year old building is so pretty and picturesque. Stone walls with highly decorative lacy openings in Gothic window is magnificent. Light coming straight from the sun above and the hanging lamp is adding charm and character to this room.

Wish I could stay here little long, but it is getting dark and I don’t see anyone around. I should leave now. Wait.. where is the exit? There has to be a way out right? I am so stupid, of course there is. But where?

I want to scream, scream out loud. Loud enough to be heard by someone. But why these walls are so thick and why the window doesn’t open. Is there a way to break out? Why this lamp isn’t working. Lot of questions but no one to answer. I shall try once again. HELLO… HELLLOO…

It’s almost midnight, all I can hear is the wind blow. I could have reached home by now but I am here in middle of nowhere. There is nothing I can do right now, let me sleep instead.

This room needs renovation. But why? This 200 year old building is so pretty and picturesque… AND THE JOURNEY CONTINUES…


Life is Right or Left…

Go towards your Left.. Oh wait, I meant Right.. whatever!!

Every single time when someone approach me for direction, I become super excited as if they are going to hand over a trophy if I tell right direction about going left. But to my no surprise, I end up goofing up Left with Right and vice versa. Thankfully my hands point to the right direction (thereby securing at-least the consolation prize :P)
After every fail attempt I laugh at myself and cherish similar incidents of past and console myself by saying “That’s OK even my dad used to do the same”.

It never occurred to me until today that this is unusual, which need a fix rather than ignoring or putting it on my father.
Thanks to my mentor for bringing this up. For the first time, I gave a thought about it and did some digging online keeping my fingers crossed to see if it is a psychological, neurological or IQ issue to say the least. Apparently, the left-right confusion or the phenomenon, is quite common and not a problem to be concerned about. There are various test available online to confirm where we stand with respect to this confusion. Though there is no remedy but by keeping calm, avoiding stress and most importantly by not thinking about the prize while assisting others with the direction will surely help in getting right direction about left.


Life is a maze

One fine day, while I was studying my father came and surprised me with a gift. It was a tiny book with an interesting subject line “Who moved my cheese” by Dr Spencer Johnson.

Considering it to be a storybook, I decided to give a shot; but to my surprise, it taught me some important lessons of the lifetime. This amusing and enlightening book was more powerful than I could even think of. Many circumstances since then have proved me over and again that:

Life is no straight and easy corridor along
Which we travel free and unhampered,
But a maze of passages,
Through which we must seek our way,
Lost and confused, now and again
Checked in a blind alley.

But always, if we have faith,
A door will open for us,
Not perhaps one that we ourselves
Would ever have thought of,
But one that will ultimately
Prove good for us
                                                                              — A. J. Cronin

Life is about helping the mankind

I always have high respect for people who donate blood and why not, it is such a noble cause- helping the mankind. However when it comes to me, I always had one or the other reason as naive as ‘I am not fit’ ‘I don’t have enough blood’ ‘I am busy’ ‘What if …’ ‘What if not…’ excuses were endless, all this to avoid getting into it.

Today, after seeing most of my colleagues making yet another booking to donate blood, I asked what inspires them, the very simple yet powerful response I got “We can save LIFE“. Though I knew this since ages but finally I got the courage to do it and yes, it’s an amazing experience. This time around I didn’t bother if I have enough of it or not, I didn’t bother if I will faint after donation moreover I didn’t pretend to be busy, I just did it! Believe me friends no gift is as precious as gift of life. 

Blood donor center, Leeds

Additional Details: NHS Blood UK