Life is nature’s blessing

While walking down the canal street lost in my own thought, I was struck by a river side beautifully stoned house, cosy and comfortable, surrounded by colourful wildflowers and a ray of light peeping through the clouds.
I cherished the sunshine so bright
and the sky so high!
I cherished the wind blowing softly
and the flower blooming slowly!
I cherished the chirping of birds
and before I could cherish the nature some more, a sudden horn from behind brought me back to my senses.


Visit Mallorca, Balearic Island Spain

To escape from the daily routine and chilly weather, we decided to visit Palma de Mallorca, Spain. In no time we came up with the itinerary. The mere thought of visiting such a beautiful place was delightful.



We started our day with the visit to one of the most ornamental village ‘Valldemossa’ situated in the hills of Tramuntana range. On our way we met some localites, despite the language barrier we established an unsaid connection. They were very kind and welcoming.
Blonde stone streets,  beautifully decorated houses, traditional cafes, galleries, gift shops, rich vegetation and Royal Carthusian monastery makes Valldemossa prettiest village of Mallorca.

Before heading to Port de Soller, we were caught by striking Sa Foradada. The view was so spectacular that we couldn’t take our eyes off. Blue water, blue sky and a steady rock with a hole.

Sa Foradada

But this was not enough for Archduke Ludwig Salvador, so he bought the entire estate and built rotunda ‘Son Marroig’ offering breathtaking view of Foradada and coastline

Son Moraig

Journey to Port de soller was relaxing; before heading to the port, we stopped by in a spanish restaurant and had delicious fish and spinach croquettes and seafood Paella. Vintage tram trip to port brought back childhood memories. Calm and shallow beach and peaceful harbor was the perfect way to end the day.

Port de Soller

Trip to Mallorca is incomplete without visiting cala (cove) and among so many beautiful calas to decide which one to visit is always a challenge. Finally we settled to Cala Anguila. For beach lovers this is heaven. Crystal clear turquoise water, bright sunny day, pleasant breeze; what more we could have asked for.

Cala Anguila

After a relaxing day at cala, it was time to explore Palma city, capital of Mallorca which is at its best at night. Historical buildings, cafes, shopping complexes, theatres, local markets, narrow pathways were so much fun. Magnificent Palma gothic cathedral (La Seu) at the sea front is truly the spotlight of the city.

Palma Gothic Cathedral (La Seu)

With this, a wonderful trip came to an end; leaving behind memories to cherish forever 🙂

Adiós Palma de Mallorca!!

Visit Belgium 🇧🇪

Droplet 💧 of rain ☔️ is adding charm 👑 to the alluring medieval midtown!!

Checkout my travel journey to beautiful, architectural and medieval Belgium in winter.

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Life is to get over it

This new year get over it!!

Location: Bergamo, Italy

Visit Italy: Milan Lake Como & Venice

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Go places make memories!!

Life that is unpredictable

Uncle George woke up early in the morning and was surprised to see john already dressed up and all set for their yet another boat ride. Morning Uncle! said John. Let’s start moving. This time we are going towards south.

George: Im sorry son you know I won’t; actually I can’t.

John: Uncle I don’t understand why. But this time I have decided and I won’t take no as an answer. Pleaseee let’s go. Just once for me.

George: It’s been 25 years; I don’t remember the route either.

John: That’s alright, I have done my homework.

With this, George and John started their journey. John was super excited to explore this new route. It was something he always wanted and finally managed.

After some hours of ride, they decided to get a break.

John: Let’s quickly grab something to eat.

George: Yes son, a good idea. Let’s go to ‘The Jane’s’. It seems to be a good coffee shop.

The moment they entered the shop, john was struck by a beautiful young lady.

John: Hi Miss. I… we… you… sorry I am lost. Uncle George could you please place the order.

While uncle George was busy eating, john was lost in his own thoughts of living a happily married life with her. After sometime, john managed to approach the girl and exchanged few words. He came out smiling.

George: Shall we move ahead or you have changed your mind?

John: (with a smile) when we will return I am going to propose her. I know she is the one I want to spend my whole life with.

George: Ah, finally.

They both laughed.After spending an eventful day down south; john hand picked some flowers and champagne. As soon as they approached the shop, john became impatient. He rushed towards the shop and was happy seeing her again. Her sparkling eyes were love at first sight. But something has changed. She looks older than her age. Yes, young man what I can get for you? the lady asked. I.. I am looking for Miss Jane. You look so similar. Are you her aunt? No young man, I am Miss Jane.

John: But… I met her in the morning, she was a young girl, we talked to each other and I promised to return.

Miss Jane: Are you john? John from winderland?

John: Yes, that’s right. Now can you please call her. I can’t wait to see her.

Miss Jane broke in tears. Miss Jane: I waited, waited my whole life. How could you do this to me. You promised to return the same day but you are returning after 25 long years.

John was taken aback, he was confused and sad and lost at the same time.

John: What is going around. Is this a joke? Im right here returning after few hours of boat ride. Uncle George did you hear that. How is it possible?Uncle George: Son, I am still trying to solve mystery of my last visit.

John handed over the flowers and champagne to uncle George and left. Left to never look back.

Time passed by…While john was setting boat for the ride, mike asked Uncle john if they could go down south. To which john said Im sorry son you know I won’t; actually I just can’t.

Chicken lasagna

Delicious Italian Chicken lasagna with indian tadka.

This dish will serve 2


Tesco Lasagna sheets – 6

White sauce Ingredients:

  • Butter 50 grams
  • Milk 1 cup (50 ml)
  • Cheese 50 gms
  • Pepper1 teaspoon

Chicken stuffing Ingredients:

  • Chicken breasts -350 gm
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Edible Oil
  • Finely chopped Onion 1
  • Finally chopped veggies of your choice; I have used capsicum and carrots.
  • Tesco Schwartz Authentic Mix for Lasange 36g

Preparation Time: 10 mins

Cooking Time: 45 mins


#white sauce

In a saucepan, take one cube butter and turn on the stove in medium flame, once melt add 1 cup milk 1 cube cheese and 1 spoon pepper. Keep stirring until thick consistency. Keep aside.

#chicken stuffing

In a separate bowl, add 2-3 spoon oil, thin slices of onion and cook until golden brown. Now add finely chopped veggies. Cook for another 5 minutes. Now add minced chicken, tomato puree, lasagna powder, salt, chilly powder or pepper mix well and cook until chicken is cooked properly (around 15-20) minutes. In the meantime, boil lasagna pasta.

Once chicken stuffing is ready. It’s time to bake. In an oven safe container, make layers of chicken stuff, pasta and white sauce. Garnish with crushed cheese and bake at 180• for 20-30 minutes.

Serve hot!

– Happy Eating!

Bread omelette with besan

Simply delicious breakfast or snacks with cup of ☕️

This dish will serve 1


  • White/brown bread slices 2-3
  • Gram flour (besan) 2-3 tablespoons
  • Eggs 2
  • Green chillies
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Edible Oil
  • Onion 1
  • Coriander  leaves

Preparation Time: 1-2 mins

Cooking Time: 2-3 mins


In a bowl take 2-3 spoon ful of gram flour add little water to make a smooth batter. Now add all ingredients listed above including sliced onion, eggs and mix well.

In a hot pan, add one tablespoon of oil and once it is hot, take a bread slice dip in batter and cook on both side for 2-3 mins or unless the bread turns golden.

Serve Hot with cup of tea or coffee.

Great for breakfast or snacks.

–– Happy Eating!!

Life is to fear less and live more

‘Mumma please come home’ this was the last statement I got from my little one before my phone switched off. A sudden tornado ran through me. I immediately packed my stuff and rushed to the train station. All sort of negative thoughts clouded me. Is she not well? Did care taker said something to her? Did she fell down? Oh god with so many bad news we hear every now and then, a mere message an unexpected phone call or delay in arrival can create havoc in our mind.

 I boarded the train and chose the corner seat and sat down quitely. There was a time when I was optimistic. My heart was filled with joy and gladness. I used to love life and believe in Karma ‘Do good and good will come to you’ but seems this doesn’t hold true anymore. With so many accidents, terrifying attacks and gruesome acts happening in neighbourhood there is always a fear.  

As the train reached my destination, without wasting a moment I ran through the gates, crossed the shops and parks without a glance. While approaching, suddenly I couldn’t walk fast enough probably as I was not prepared for this. I somehow grabbed the courage to open the door just to see her playing with the doll and after looking at me she said ‘Mumma I missed you, come let’s play together’. This gave me a sigh of relief which sneaked out of my eyes and rolled down to my cheeks. With a big smile I went and hugged her and wished to fear less and live more!